Happy Resurrection Day! Jesus Is Alive!

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H oly are you oh God Almighty
A donai, our Sovereign Lord and Master
P ierced for us on the cross of Calvary
P urify us with your fire, oh God
Y our love never fails

R edeemer of our souls
E stablish your Throne in us
S urround us with your Strength
U ntil we are saturated with your Love
R esurrection Power, you gave us eternal life
R estore unto us the joy of your salvation
E nlarge our borders
C onsume us with your fire
T urn our hearts towards Your’s
I mpart unto us your great wisdom
O n Christ the solid rock we stand
N ow and forevermore

D irect our steps to your word
A nd draw us nearer to your heart
Y our love is Amazing. Thank you for your great Love.

by Margo Kemp

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