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We take time to pray for people with all kinds of needs. Prayer is a Gift from God.  God has answered many prayers with miraculous healing.  By phone or in person at Eternal Hope Ministries prayer is a priority. Call for details or attend one of our services.

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A little before Christmas 2016, we found out about a lady in our neighborhood who was battling Cancer in the lymph nodes.  This particular day, she was locked outside her home because she forgot her keys. She sat down because she was so weak having taken much chemo to fight the cancer. She said the cancer was spreading and feared the cancer had reached her head because now the pains had reached that part of her body. I asked if we could pray for her and she gladly agreed.  I explained that Jesus had died for her on the cross to pay for all her sins (and those of all people) and she could ask Jesus into her life as Forgiver and Healer and Lord.  She said yes to Jesus. As my wife Margo, another sister and myself prayed with her on the street, she felt something happen to her. She broke out into a wide smile.  She said “I feel different now.”  She has since gone to the doctors.  They said she is ok now but weak in body and only has to go for checkups every three months.  My neighbor wrote home to her Mom in India and explained that ever since she prayed with us her condition changed.  Glory be to Jesus for His healing and salvation.

Peter and Margo

When a baby is born they start to cry and breathe in fresh air. They start learning about their surroundings and they try to speak out just one word. They realize they can’t at first so they start getting frustrated by crying and whining. How a baby grows up is very fascinating because every day we watch them grow and develop. My life can resemble how a baby starts to crawl then walk then run.
They both are similar because from a young age until now I went from not knowing too much about life’s struggles, challenges, and obstacles to facing each of them one by one as young pre-teen and now a young adult. I was born May 9,1997 in a small town in Haiti. My biological mother was 15 years old when she had me and at that point she knew that she couldn’t take care of me. Right away I got settled in with another Haitian family that raised me in America. Sadly I never grew up with my adopted mother and father by my side. At a young age my adopted parents separated and I was left with my mother, grandma, aunts and uncles that decided to help take care of me. I was raised with a christian background knowing and believing that God was real. As time goes on I started to question my faith and life by seeing how much my mother was suffering from Leukemia(Cancer of the blood) I started to not recognize her at some point because her hair started to fall out, she looked weaker, and I barely got to see her while she was at the hospital because of school. When God decided to bring my mom to heaven I couldn’t understand why so I decided to leave him completely and lived my own life. That was a bad move. I started to become rebellious. That lead to feeling depressed, feeling isolated, hating my family, hating the World. I was full of anger, resentment, bitterness, pride, jealousy, and experienced a lot of Fear.I didn’t want to be myself, I wanted to be like the others. By dressing like them and talking like them. I wanted to feel loved so I always tried to see if I can get attention from guys. Almost like looking for love in all the wrong places. I was just a Hot Mess! My family couldn’t handle me anymore so they decided to bring me back to Haiti. Their decision faded by the help of one of my christian aunts and uncles that decided to take me in. Now that I look back I started to realize that God never left me. He had a huge plan for me. I decided to live for him again and in return he healed me of all my rejections and pains. I found my identity in Christ and I became a different person. All that went through a process but it was all worth it. I want to end by saying this, You that think that there is no hope and no point of living God in return would want to give you hope and help you realize that you were born for such a time as this! So Move keep walking, keep learning, receive Jesus into your heart and I know that some day you will also have a story to share with others that has gone through the same thing as you. Keep moving forward, Love Miss Pioneer.

Sarah Sanon